Ech-visc is a single injection viscosupplement for restoring the synovial fluid environment post arthroscopy (for reduction of joint pain caused by inflammatory debris).

It is comprised of highly purified, partially cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (NaHA) in a phosphate buffered saline solution. The cross-linking procedure leads to an elongation of the HA’s half-life from just hours to weeks.

Ech-visc delivers the highest concentration of HA currently available: 2,2 % in a 4 ml syringe, a total of 88 mg.

Ech-visc is supplied in a ready-to-use prefilled glass syringe containing 4 ml of solution packed in a sterile medical peel pack.

Ech-visc is to be administered by intra articular injection. It should be administered by medical practitioners trained in joint injection techniques.

The amount of Ech-visc to be injected depends on the joint size. It should not overfill the synovial space.

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